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Size Chart

Every body is different, and our wetsuits stretch to fit differently on different shapes.  Our Premium Ready-to-Wear collections are made with super-soft and stretchy Yamamoto Neoprene and Lycra fabric, which provides added stretch and is more forgiving than many of the wetsuits you may be used to.  The following guide provides our best estimate on what to expect with our sizing...

Sirensong Wetsuits Size Chart

Sirensong Wetsuits Measurements and Sizing Guide

The cm/inch ranges presented in the table above estimate the minimum and maximum body measurements expected to comfortably fit in a given size, and are based on actual wetsuit measurements and stretch capacity.  For example, with the XS Bust range of 73-85 cm: 73 cm is just slightly larger than the actual wetsuit measurement (you want it to stretch for a snug fit), and 85 cm is at the upper end of the materials' stretch capacity.  For an optimal fit, your measurements should be somewhere within the given range, but larger measurements may still fit if you are smaller in other areas.

Also note: our side-ties allow for greater flexibility in bottom sizing: cinch tighter or loosen as needed for a more customized fit!

♡ Taller ladies or those with a long torso who fall in the XS or Medium category may want to choose a larger size to accommodate additional height.  Our jackets provide an option for those with a hard time fitting in a 1-piece suit.  We look forward to adding XL springsuits and additional tall sizes in future collections!  

If you have additional questions, you can email us and we'll help you pick the best fit.  





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